My "Perfect Match" bio would read something like this ...

"Alysha loves early morning walks with the love of her life, her dog Louie. When she's not walking the dog she is spending time with her workaholic husband or re-watching Rocky Horror Picture Show or the Labyrinth for the 1,000,000th time in her lifetime. She considers herself an introverted extrovert and will never turn down a good cheese platter or cosmo 👌🏼"

So I started my photography journey way back when My Chemical Romance was a big thing and my fringe was longer than a ruler, I used to loveee photographing anything that moved really and if there was a house party there I was with my Canon point and shoot getting those all important myspace pics.

In 2015 i thought f*ck it and I quit my job to deliver pizzas and study photography full time, after experimenting with a few different genres I landed on event photography from there landed my first wedding and boom the fireworks went off in my head and I just knew this was it, this was what was sparking the flameeeee!!!

so you want to know a little more...

Not just a photographer,

but the ultimate hype gal

After experimenting with all kinds of styles im finally settle on “comfort” the art of making people so comfortable that they dont even realise they are kissing their best friend in front of a total stranger with a camera whom they met on the internet. We just have fun and thats what its about, I want you to look back at your wedding day and think “F*ck we had such a ripper day” at the end of the day its not just about your photos, its about the experience that follows with it.

"Its not just about your photos, its about the experience that follows with it."

My Philosophy

Here are a couple of fun facts for ya, kinda like those ones you find on the inside of those orange juice bottles

1. Im a massive Jim Henson + Tim Burton nerd
2. Ive been swing dancing since the age of 12
3. Ive been to Disneyland 6 times and plan to visit every single one of them before i die
4. My favourite food in the whole world is bacon and egg macaroni (closely followed by pizza)
5. I used to work in the funeral industry 
6. My dog is in fact names after Louis of One Direction (No Shame) ✌🏼

So That’s a few little fun facts about me and my life outside of photography. But when it all boils down to is my most favourite fact to tell people is that "Im a wedding photographer" and i frickin love what I do and the amazing couples I get to meet along the journey.

Can you recite the rocky horror picture show word for word... Well I can 

My fav things

what inspires me

Here’s where you can go on a deeper dive into what started your photography journey and why you love it so much – talk about your motivations and purpose, why every shoot is a new experience. 

You can also write about your overall style and personality, what makes you different from all the other photographers they’ve researched. Don’t be shy!

Talk about how your photos will help them relive the day for years and generations to come.

“Every wedding, every shoot, I see the world through a whole new lens. Your story will be different from the last, and this ignites my passion all over again.”

behind the lens

Alright lets establish something right off the bat, im pretty much a wedding wingwoman (like the Goose to your Maverick). 

On the day of the wedding ill be there from prep right the way through to the dancefloor, capturing all the most important aspects to your day leaving no stone unturned. 

Sometimes it can feel like I litterally have eyes in the side of my head as im constantly on the lookout for those inbetween moments where you are just totally you! Yeah i can place you in front of a glorious sunset and make you kiss and shit but at the end of the day whats more a reflection of your true selfs the sunset, or the way you and your partner dance like there is no one else in the room, or the way you might make each other laugh (and i mean like really laugh, none of this fake instagram sh*t). 

Im here for the real, im here for the wild, im here for the misfit behaviour that might just take place 😉

In the wise words of  Steven Tyler
"I dont wanna miss a thaaang"

Sweet nothings

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“Couldn’t recommend Alysha enough! Our wedding photos were absolutely stunning and she was an absolute gem on the day and made us feel so special!"


Lysh is just an incredible ball of energy and sunshine. Very queer friendly and made ALL our guests feel welcome. Great communication just a 10/10 pre wedding and on the day was everywhere she was needed but not totally in our faces.


Alysha was incredible, she made Tom and I (and our Bridal Party) feel so comfortable on the day! We could not recommend her enough.


Lysh is a superstar, so down to earth & so talented behind the lens. I recommend Lysh to anyone who wants not just a great photographer but a great human too!


"Its not just about your photos,
Its About The Experience That Follows With It."

One Epic Story

two Rebel Souls